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I have long been intrigued by the elemental nature of clay and the process of making things with it, by the subtlety of variation in the shape of pots and how this relates to look and function, and by the way in which making ceramics connects us across history and cultures.


I work in both stoneware and earthenware and I am particularly interested in the use of simple glazes, many using wood ash, and the way these interact with the form of a pot, and with applied, or incised, decoration of the clay. All my pots are single-fired. It is important to me to find ways of working which are simple, direct, and as environmentally sound as possible. Information about all these things, and more, can be found under the about … link above.

My pottery is primarily functional - much of it things to eat from, drink from, or serve and store food in. For me, in addition to how it looks, much of the pleasure of pottery comes from how it feels in use, and how well it serves its purpose.


I am also interested in aspects of historic pottery, in particular medieval pottery in Britain and Europe, both in the the forms themselves, which are an influence in my own pots, and in the techniques used by medieval potters. Through this has come involvement with an ongoing project making pots and reconstructing a medieval style, wood-fired, kiln using naturally occurring clay. There is more about this project (among other things) in the news & journal (blog).

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